Union membership conditions

1- Citizenship of Iran

2- Devotion to one of the country’s state religions

3- Acceptance of and promise to implement the regulations of the article of association and decisions and legal legislations of the members of the trade association.

4- Working in the stationery manufacturing industry by providing identity documents, such as establishment permit, operation license, and ….

5- Providing credible documents denoting clientship based on labor law, such as the last premium insurance receipt.

6- Membership request

7- Copy of identity card and identity booklet (Shenasnameh)

8- Three pieces of 3×5 images

9- The last changes in the official newspapers10- Written request for union membership

11- Entrance fee and regular membership fee (a sum of 150.000.000 Iranian Rials as the entrance fee and a sum of 80.000.000 Rials as annual membership transferred to the account number 0110802785003, Bank Melli Iran, Africa Blvd branch, code 096609960966, under the name of “Stationery Manufacturers Union Society of Iran”)

خوش آمدید

بازدیدکننده گرامی

به سایت جدید انجمن صنفی کارفرمایی تولیدکنندگان نوشت افزار کشور خوش آمدید. این سایت در حال تکمیل است با این حال، شما می‌توانید از بخش های مختلف سایت دیدن نمایید.

درصورت وجود هر گونه سوال از بخش تماس با ما با ما در ارتباط باشید.