The 6th Specialized Exhibition of Stationery & Engineering tools

Iranpenex: The ۶th Specialized Exhibition of Stationery & Engineering tools, 2-5 july-2019, 10 Am – 6 Pm. All the trends and industry innovations come together in one place at Shahr_E_Aftab. For major brand manufacturers or international newcomers, Iranpenex, with its unique product diversity, is the most important industry meeting point and source of inspiration for the wholesale and retail trade as well as for corporate buyers. This years’s fair comprises a wider range of industries related to stationery business. We have summarized all the information on Iranpenex for you below.
Office supplies:
Office machines and equipment 
Organisational and presentation aids
Office paper, notebooks and calenders 
Writing and drawing utensils
IT and printer supplies
Dispatching, adhesives, stamps
Office catering 
Paper products, gifts and packaging: 
Writing and drawing utensils 
High-quality paper and lifestyle products 
Greeting cards, gift articles and wrapping 
School supplies 
Teaching and learning aids, classroom furnishings
Table tops, licences and designs 

International sourcing The ۶th Iranpenex venue is located in 2 halls, A4 and A5. A5 hall welcomes domestic businesses while A4 is earmarked for international companies. 

Iranpenex target visitor groups are: 
Stationery and paper goods shops
Book trade and bookbinders
Gift boutiques, interior design and decoration trade
Toy and leisure items trade 
Department stores and supermarkets
Wholesale trade 
Food retailers and drugstores
Large trading organisations
Industrial companies and service providers

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